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Creative Writing -2

Stephen King is a celebrated fiction writer. He wrote gripping novels like The Stand, Under the dome with more than thousand pages. One interviewer asked a question to him, ‘How do you write a novel of more than thousand pages?’

King answered, ‘Word by Word.’ Answer of three words would not surprise you, but tells the gist of writing.

Secrete of Best selling Fiction Writer is the first few sentences of the book. People pick up the book by just reading first few lines of a book. If these first few made them to read further, book is best selling. It is the fact. So, Famous writers laboriously work out on the first few lines of book.

About first sentence: If the first sentence is a boring fallacious argument and has no appeal to read further, no one will take interest in reading the book. This starting sentence should grip the reader to go ahead and try to unravel what you wanted to say. It should be able to produce the curiosity to read next line. Most of the lines must be indirectly linked to each other. It would not how many words are in the sentence.

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