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Tips for Best Selling Writers

Its post of Creative Writing -3.

These tips can be used by anyone, who wants to become a world famous writer.

  1. Be Receptive & Free Thinker:  ‘Imagination is the basic principle of fiction.’ If you want to write, you must have ideas in your mind and ideas won’t come into mind as soon as you sit for writing. Brain is powerhouse of ideas. It is continuously and unconsciously thinking. Every single idea is the spark of creative imagination, but only if you are able to recognize it. Keep a pencil and notepad with you always if possible. Whenever any idea pops up into mind, jot down on the note.  You may scribble few lines of plot.  Even it is not a novel writing, when you sit especially for writing a novel, read the precious ideas germinated at free time and practice appending the lines ahead. Start completing the lucid chain of thoughts.
  2. Identify the idea: Never get disappointed if you think, ‘I cannot write’. Every best selling writer has gone through this phase.  Second part of this tip is to be a free thinker. Whatever you read, whatever you observe, whatever you watch, whatever you believe, accept the thoughts and filter them for your purpose. Observe the people. Observe how they speak, how they walk, how they behave.  Observe the crowd. Write single sentence on every observation.
  3. Write every day: Imagine your favorite song. Who has sung that song? The person must be a well known singer. When singer practices, He does it every day. When he misses singing a single day, it affects the song. It is easily observable by everyone. One day of missing practice reduces the excellence. Second day miss out is identifiable by his teacher. Third day miss out is easily observable by audience. So, be disciplined of writing. Write minimum hundred lines every day. Make this as a habit. Remember, ‘Practice makes man perfect.’
  4. Don’t expect miracles in a single day: You cannot write first fiction as a bestselling. You write the plot. Read out the idea after couple of days. How did you felt? If you find the same passion and meaningfulness that you had while writing. Then, this is somewhat effective. Otherwise rework on the lines and ideas. Working on writing fiction is re working on the writing. Working means re working.
  5. Get the feedback from readers: You are writing keeping in mind that it is going to be read by others. So, after writing and couple of self review, Give it to your friends or relatives and ask how they felt your idea. Analyze how much idea has been communicated. Again rework on the plot changes the fallacious lines, until you feel, these are the final words.
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