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Creative Writing -1

I am a voracious reader, but some obligations in life could not let me read. Continuous reading has also sharpened my writing skills. I have very good English, but I am not a good communicator. I cannot express ideas and thought clearly. It has encouraged me to have a development plan.
British Library Council has offered me an opportunity to sharpen the writing skills thorough one program of Creative Writing. I will try to restore the inputs that I received by attending the Creative Writing program for fiction writers.  I am splitting this session in few posts of my blog.
Writing starts with a single word. You have no idea of writing stories and any type of fiction. Pick up many random pair of words related words. Sit for a minute quietly. Breathe slowly. Take a pen into hand; try constructing the sentences that pop into your mind.
Creative Writing Exercise one:
Find the first exercise of creative writing here. Construct the sentences starting with the following given words. All below sentences need not be connected to each other.
1. When he noticed….
2. Here face felt…
3. My father never…
4. Suddenly she saw…
5. Who wouldn’t want..
6. I dreamt off..

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