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Top Business books by Economist

Yearly, hundreds of business books are published marketed with possible big campaign. Obviously all are not to be read.  Books are reviewed by economist and other book reviewers.

Business books are made a significant effect on business industry.  I tried to list down few business books which were really affected the industry.  These business books give a greater insight to revolutions in business industry. How managers could make a difference with their speech? How they are able to manage people? All questions are answered by these few books.

Peter Drucker:

Concept of the Corporation (1946)

Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices(1973)

James Womack

The Machine That Changed the World(1990)

Michael Hammer and James Champy

Reengineering the Corporation(1993)

Henry Ford

My Years with General Motors(1964) 

William Whyte

The Organisation Man (1956)

Tom Peters and Robert Waterman

In Search of Excellence

Clayton Christensen

The Innovator’s Dilemma (1997)

C.K. Pralhad

The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid (2004)

CK Pralhad was listed first in Top 50 thinkers in the world.

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