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About Philosophy and Literature

Philosophy etymologically shows the study of wisdom. Philosopher studies life and principles. Their rational thinking tries to find the answers. Many branches of philosophy try to think and analyze problems rationally. Literature is art of expressing imagination. It comprises fiction as well as non-fiction. When philosopher tries to tell the philosophy in the form of literature, we call it as a philosophical literature. Ayn Rand has created magnum opus Atlas Shrugged; she has presented his own philosophy of objectivism through her writings.  Iris Murdoch wrote more than two dozens of novels.  All novels of her are reflection of complex analytical mind. She tried to tell through characters the rationally correct way lead to meaningful end of existence. Erroneous way of living leads to the vanity and destruction.  Jean Paul Sartre, Albert Camus wrote to stories to present the existentialism.  The language of these writer also expression of presence of human soul. Age of Freedom, series of Sartre shows the struggle of man for living free from all bindings in life.  Thomas Man’s ‘Magic Mountain’ weaves one different type of plot where you can smell the human life trapped in search of its own existence.  All these philosopher has studied the subjects and writings of Aristotle, Kant; wrote their own analysis and research.  Iris Murdoch tries to differentiate between philosophy and core novelist as ‘If I knew about sailing ships I would put in sailing ships, And in a way, as a novelist, I would rather know about sailing ships than about philosophy.’

Philosophical literature is for common man, who can understand the gist of wisdom through stories told through fictions.

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