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Political Strategy of Henry Kissinger

I was reading about the politics and diplomacy played by Henry Kissinger in Vietnam War. He was well known for his political strategies during cold war.  It looks contradictory with the Nobel peace prize awarded to him, still it is known that Vietnam war running long decade .  During cold war era, he played a grand game to get the find balance between opposing super powers China, Russia and US.

More information on wiki: here

Controversies: Christopher Hitchens wrote a book to uncover the war crimes by Henry Kissinger. Book started with two articles in Harper Magazine. Later book “The trial of Henry Kissinger” and documentary with the same name was released. He asked Henry to answer the questions about genocide he played in Vietnam War. Henry denied joining the debate with him.  Book ‘The Price of Power’ by Saymour Hersh sayed,  ‘This man can operate at a horrible levels. He sacrificed many human lives to achieve his strategic goals’.

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