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To Become a Leader

Leadership mantra defines the ways you could take your team where you wanted.  When the people will follow your principles? Its only when you have charismatic and dynamic personality as much to make people feel you are cheer leader.

Leadership Principles

Leadership can be taught as well as learnt through principles. Just few principles by observation and my study as below:

What leader defines? Be- Know-Do are basic responsibilities of Leader. He has a specific direction. He has a deep conviction to tough the goal through collective efforts of team. So, Belief and values of leader cost much while leading the team.

’Believe you can and you’re halfway there’ -Theodare Roosevelt.

It is required to how get the things done from team. He should easily understand the people and their needs. Motivation should be supplied frequently to maintain the spirit within the team. He should be able to resolve conflicts within the team. ‘Do’ means he is the only prime driver of success.

To become a leader, person should have clear sense of direction, what exactly he wants to do with the team. If he gets direction, he should have strong vision and belief of strong future.

Charismatic leadership is comes with effective communication that builds trust and confidence in the team. This communication can be learnt with following steps 1. Try to make people understand the overall strategy and goal of the team/organization. 2. Let them know the ways to achieve the targets. Understand if team has any problems or hurdles achieving the goals. Share the information to build the trust. Appreciate the team members for their good work to express the significance of each individual.

Few traits of successful leader:

Know yourself and seek the improvements in you always. This requires analysis of you. Be familiar with the work done by your people. This will help you to understand the concerns expressed as well as unexpressed.  Take responsibility of all tasks done by team, because you are the only person who has shown the direction. Make timely decisions. Know your people and their problems. You are required to understand the human nature to have clear insight of a person.  Develop a clear accountably of work performed by people and let them own their tasks and handle it on their own.

At the last, Improve your language for motivation.

Cheerful words of leaders:

“You did a good job..!”
“Yes. You will do it..!”
“What is your opinion about this..?”
“Thank you..!”

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