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Power and Sex

World famous leader of IMF, International monetary fund Dominique Strauss Kahn (DSK) had to resign due to crime of sexual assault over hotel maid. On 16 May, IMF chief, a one of the most dignitary place has been replaced with deputy president.

If the whole saga of arresting and incarcerating the IMF president is not a political trap to erase him out of coming elections in France and he has truly forced hotel made to involve in an anal sex with him; there is really need to study attitude towards sex and potential of a human being.

If this incident would have not occurred, he could have been on his powerful potential after winning against the Nicolas Sarkozy in France. Going back to political history of him, DSK had held chair of IMF chief with the support of Nicolas Sarkozy and has been warned to look after the sexual similarity with Bill Clinton, who resigned due to white house clandestine affair with Monica lewinsky.

Wife of DSK, one elite journalist, Television speaker, Anne Sinclair has supported him and it’s in vain to know the proofs of crime are detected in hotel room. Incidence is same as Hilary Clinton supported the Bill Clinton. After two days of lock up time, DSK has resigned from the chair as moral responsibility and to have time to fight against the cult.

Hyper sexuality of DSK has appeared in year 2000, when one budding writer Tristane Banon revealed attack by DSK over her while interviewing, but she didn’t brought the incidence in court. She called him as ‘a rutting chimpanzee.’

Apart from DSK, there are many notorious political figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Prime minister of Italy Silvio Berluscon, who has been known to harass women in public. Henry Kissinger has said once, ‘The Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.’

Such incidences of crime and fair treatment of powerful individual with the common man may show the sign of discouraging the abnormal behaviors.

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