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By Confucious

Some important lessons from The Great Learning.

The great learning is a text that fosters the virtue and highest form of excellence. Excellence is something that make you able to achieve. Achievement followed by three steps.
Object of pursuit- calm unperturbedness – a tranquil repose- deliberated efforts-desired end.

All things have their root and branches. Goal have start and end. To reach the end, one need to go through specific single branch and required virtuous concentrated state. To achieve the goal, person is required to rectify the heart to avoid disturbance of worldly attachments and imbue sincere thoughts. Investigation of all this process will make you complete in knowledge. This knowledge will be sufficient to govern the state that leads to the desired goal. Bathing tub of K’ang says ‘If you can one day renovate yourself, do so from day to day. Yea, let there be daily renovation.’

Self knowledge is attained by making the thoughts sincere. Being in ignorance is self-deception. When we love beautiful is a self enjoyment. Superior man is watchful while being alone.

Riches adorn the house, virtue adorn the person. Mind is intangible spirit, where body is limited space. So, Superior man makes his thoughts sincere.

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