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Blood test to know your time of Death

As per latest research, it is said that one expensive test of a youth can tell the time when you will die by aging. It is a biological age measured by test of telomers. Telomeres are the caps at the end of chromosomes, the structure that carry genes.

In early years after birth, telomere is long. As cells go on dividing, telomeres get shorter. The time when telomere gets too shorter, cells can no longer divide. Cells die. Muscles weaken. Skins wrinkles, eyesight and hearing fades.
telomer test
 In general person who born with short length of telomeres have shorter lifespan. Researchers have also said that aging effect can be reduced by vigorous exercise for at least three hours a week. Exercise acts as a buffer against the oxidative stress, those damages and kills the cells.

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