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UN Climate Summit At CanCun

On 29th November, Countries of United Nations Climate Framework are meeting together at Concun to discuss anticipated eco friendly majors that are possible. Copenhagen Summit in last December failed because China refused consolidated agreements. Accepting eco friendly major means commitment with energy consumption and better life.
Global Warming Earth Summit held at Copenhagan last year failed. None of the country accepted the consolidated agreement to reduce the atmospheric carbon. China denied all agreements against global warming. Publicity of this event was done excessively. Now, United Nation Framework convention is geared up for coming anticipating hopeful discussion at Concun(Mexico) in coming week. Copenhagen summit turned failure because refusal from one country will result in refusal from all. Implementation of eco friendly life has commitments with luxurious life. Agreements of Earth summit will be accepted by all or none. Instead of refusing all agreements meeting could have removed few contradictory rule. So, that it will be accepted by all countries. Acceptance of Agreement obviously doesn’t mean failure. Inaction is failure.
Due to industrial revolution, global warming is quicker and more. If proper and timely steps are not taken, consequences will be much nearer. Arctic icecaps in summer will be vanished, rain will be hardly where it rains now, As soon as icecaps from Arctic area will melt, Russia will invade that area for fossil fuel and energy. Drought area is increasing, rain fall has suddenly felt down. Problem of food security has increased.

Being eco friendly means limiting the prosperity. All industries need to take eco friendly majors as soon as possible. New ways of farming need to be adopted. Rich countries are less dependent on farming and more on industries.

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