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MBA: Japanese view

“They believe in business know-how gained on the job, not in the classrooms. They’d say you can’t learn it there. You have to learn it with your feet.”
– T W Kang, Tokyo based MBA from HBS.

How much will be worth of holding MBA from any prestigious Business school ? How many businessmen reinvent themselves after receiving MBA? Currently different business schools universities offering MBAs with different names. But Which degree more relevant. Answer is unexpected from Japanese perspectives. Universities in Japan offers education which suites to current corporate culture.

Japanese students are more prone towards ‘tacit knowledge’ shared across the corporate culture, which cannot be taught in schools. Within five decades after first world war, about 30 business schools evolved, but companies in Japan looks suspiciously towards the college degree. They are much skeptical about the knowledge acquired in school. They believe that challenge remains in facing technology driven problems in ongoing manufacturing scenarios. Students may not try out such hurdles in school.
So, Basic craftsmanship of MBA lies in implementing the theory into practice. Few times they may need to reorient their knowledge effectively and immediately along with time based scenarios
Hiroshi Mikitani: founder of Rakuten, leading online shopping mall chain in Japan.
Tomoko Namba: founder of Online auction company DeNA

Both businessmen above are MBAs from HBS, but believed practical knowledge.

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