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Tiger Recovery Plan



Tiger is one of the beautiful wild animals.  But it is on the way to extinction. Before a century there were 100,000 tigers around the world. Now the count has come down to 3,100. Out of these 1000 are female tigers.  It would be very bad, if this animal spices became extinct due to human cause.  Out of nine spices of tigers three has already become extinct.

Poaching and loss of habitat are main reason behind this. Tiger Trade: Cost of single tiger is around $50,000 in black market.  Due to this higher cost of tiger, animal has became like roaming money in the forests of china and India.

Loss of Habitat: Deforestation has reduced living habitat for tigers. As life cycle of wild animal is disturbed, tigers would naturally die with lack of food.

During the tiger summit in Saint Petersburg in Russia, 23 countries pledged to implement tiger recovery plan in coming years.

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