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Copenhagen treaty 2009

Global countries will meet again to discuss global warming issues during Copenhagen conference. Conference will run two weeks from 7 December. I think, issue from Kyoto will be again raised with new forms. Minutes of meeting would include possibilities to curb carbon emission, financial investments for conservation activities, ways to reduce green house gases.’ Is stopping deforestation is way to reduce carbon emission..?’ After succeeding global peace process, Nobel prize winner Barack Obama, Hope to get one opportunity to grip the situation and do one more miracle.
Even developed countries like US, UK, Japan had already gulped most of energy resources, emitting harmful gases, they are going to hold developing countries like India there. It is true that India’s carbon emission is growing, but it is country of about 1200 million people. i.e. justifiable use of energy resources. Countries like Bangladesh, Haiti, and Korea are suffering side-effects of global warming, when they are not much responsible for this condition.

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