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Key points to start new Business

All companies in the world born with innovative idea. There are some few principle which are common behind any success of company. Here I have noted some principles.
Idea: Idea or motive of business should be sound and clear. This idea must be evolved with good research and analysis.
Plan: Plan determines all processes you are going to get involved in your business. It involved timely schedule of all your processes.
Capital: This is main point which nothing is possible. Finance. For start up every business requires primary investment. Different opportunities and ideas need funding to bring them into reality.
Development: This is the realtime work out of your business plan.
Schedule: Time management of your business. Besides finance, time is one considerable asset of any business. Opportunities are lost if you lose your time constraints.
Legalities: This involves all obligatory things like company registration,trademark,tax, investment reports etc.
Branding: Branding is done with logo and mission statement of your business.
Trends: In current work of online marketing. Business should be accompanied with Website. Customer relationships can be well established with latest technologies. Currently web 2.0 features are used to manage business through websites.
Infrastructure: This involves basic blocks of your business. Business processes should be
Marketing: Marketing plan is required for future growth of business. As much people involved within your business, that much will be growth of your business.

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