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Performance of Athlet

Many books,articles,and papers have been published relative to the relationship between an athlete’s mental state and his or her performance. A point of consensus clearly stated in these sources is that athletic performance efficiency is reduced by distraction. It is believed that distractions interfere with an athlete’s ability to focus. Distractions evoke negative mood responses, detrimental arousal and anxiety levels, and stress,thus resulting in the consumption of mental energy. Mental energy is a vital element needed to be able to concentrate one’s attention and maintain a positive mental attitude.

1. Distractions may arise from various sources including: the presence of loved onces you want to impress.
2. The purpose of this theory is to initiate an examination of the influence of the media as distraction and its impact on athletic performance.
3. For the purposes of this theory is important to have a common definition and understanding of media, arousal, stress,anxiety, and mood.
4. Distractions may arise due to a lot of factors present in a sporting environment.



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